Jewels FRVR


Average Rating: 4.8/5

If you're a fan of match puzzles, prepare to be dazzled with the diamonds and gems of Jewels. Each level presents you with a special mission: match the jewels of a given color. As you continue playing, the challenges increase, but so do the rewards.

Extra bonus points and powerups are yours for the taking, but be sure to keep track of the counter because there are a limited amount of moves on each level. Make the right choices and you'll snag extra turns and see your score soar.

A pleasant soundtrack accompanies your play as you match gems to rack up points and progress through the levels. Strategic moves and smart thinking will get you the furthest.

Finish a level with less than the allotted moves and you will be rewarded with gems, diamonds, blitz, bling and enough bonus points to dazzle even yourself.


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